Mobile Digital Publishing Software for Phones and Tablets

Amazing Publishing Platform for Mobile Free

Your Personal Portfolio Homepage Free

Automatically create an Personal Portfolio Homepage on Mobissue. Design your own personal homepage with custom banner and profile image on Mobissue and share your own mobile digital publications with others.

Issue Newsstand for Mobile Free

Mobissue Cloud provides possibility to create a collection of publications which can be shared as such with outlook of a Newsstand. Automatically collect all your mobile publications in a nice looking newsstand which can be easily shared on mobile or embedded into your own website.

Notifications & ADs Free

Mobissue Advertising System allows you serving ads or notifications to your readers. You can create ads for the issues in a specific folder. When the issues finish loading, your ads will be shown in a pop-up window. What's more, you can change the messages anytime without re-creating your issues.

Managing Subscribers Free

Instantly manage all your contacts from a single interface. Learn more about the people who subscribe to your mobile publications and add new subscribers if necessary.

SEO Friendly Free

You can make your mobile digital publication SEO friendly by customizing the page title, description and keywords. You can then add the html pages to your sitemap to ensure search engine visibility.

Sharing Free

Share mobile digital publications on the social networks. You can use it for your publications with the built-in easy sharing interface. Reach your audience, find new clients and business partners not only though your web-site, but also via Facebook and Twitter.

Statistics Free

Identify the geographic areas and devices of your readers; Analytics of the content such as LINKS, DAILY VIEWS, AVERAGE VIEW DURATION, DOWNLOADS, PAGEVIEWS, so you can decide where to focus more of your advertising and marketing efforts. We provide you the most detailed information we have about the details of your readers..