Free Online Magazine Software

Mobissue, as free online magazine software, provides you a foolproof but versatile solution for creating, publishing and sharing interactive HTML5 magazines.

Online Magazine Software to Make HTML5 Magazines

Mobissue, as a free magazine maker, gives everything you need to create interactive and impressive HTML5 magazines that can be accessible and viewable on all mobile devices. Its social network integration makes it convenient to share your HTML5 magazines on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

1. Easily Create Interactive Magazines

The online magazine software makes it easy to digitize your images or PDFs into HTML5 magazines. You have the ability to tackle the entire creation process without writing a single code. The powerful custom settings, flexible design tools, combined with drag and drop features make designing an eye-catching magazine at your fingertips.
An amazing thing about Mobissue is that it empowers you to inject life into your eMagazines with rich media. Links, images, slideshows, audio and videos are all supported to embed into the page, engaging your audiences with interactive and dynamic experiences.

2. Publish Online Magazines

The single-click publishing feature enables you to rapidly publish your well-designed HTML5 magazines, online or offline. Mobissue Cloud gives you an opportunity to publish your magazines online for free, where your digital publications are pretty safe and sound. Otherwise, you can choose to publish your magazines to local as HTML5, Zip, EXE, CD/DVD and Plug-in.

3. Share Output Magazines

With its social network integration, Mobissue gives you power to share your output magazines on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+. You are also allowed to publish them to your webpage or blog, or directly email to your audiences, no matter where they are. The social sharing and embedding can largely increase your readership and drive more traffic to your website.

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