The Best Flipbook Creator for Everyone

Mobissue, known as the best HTML5 flipbook creator is dedicated for everyone to make their own profitable flipbooks.

Mobissue – The Best and Profitable Flipbook Software

Mobissue is the best flipbook creator for us to make our own profitable flipbooks. Whether you are a professional programmer or not, you are able to handle this software with ease and create your own amazing flipbooks quickly. On one hand, you can enrich your flipbooks with the help of multimedia including the link, text, flash animation, image slideshow and so on. On the other hand, flipbook creator Mobissue also enables you to share those flipbooks on social media and read them on different mobile devices.

1. Create HTML5 Flipbooks in Minutes

Mobissue has a simple editing interface. Firstly, when you import your images or PDF documents, you are able to customize the page range to import, page quality and page size. What’s more, you are able to decide whether to check the option of Import the Link, Table of Contents and Search from your original files. When you enter into the Animation Editor interface, you can enrich your flipbooks’ contents with the help of multimedia and thus provides interactive flipbooks for your readers.

2. Share Flipbooks in Different Ways

You can make your own HTML5 flipbooks attractive and profitable with headlines in flipbook creator. It enables you to distribute them quickly in different channels. On the one hand, you can make your flipbook for sale in Mobissue online publishing platform. On the other hand, when you upload your flipbook online, you are able to embed your flipbooks into your website or blog, share them with your friends via social networking sites and email the URL link to your target readers. Then it will greatly increase your website traffic and boost the sales of your flipbooks.

3. Read Flipbooks on Mobile Devices

Mobile marketing is never out of date in our era. Whenever we go, we use our mobile device to search the information, read the headline and so on every day. When you create your flipbook in flipbook creator, the flipbooks you publish can be read on different mobile devices including the Android mobile devices and the iOS mobile devices. You and your readers can flip the pages by sliding up or down on your mobile device. It is of great convenience for reading.

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