Free Online Pamphlet Maker for Anyone

Mobissue allows you to make gorgeous HTML5 online pamphlet for free and read on different mobile devices smoothly.

Mobissue - Free Pamphlet Maker for Creating Online Pamphlet

Mobissue is the best free pamphlet maker for everyone to create gorgeous online pamphlets. It enables you to customize your own interactive and responsive pamphlets in a breeze. With this powerful tool, you can convert your PDFs or images into html5-based pamphlet, enrich your pamphlets’ contents with rich multimedia, publish them offline and online and read them on different mobile devices as you wish.

1. Easy and Quick Conversion

Both images (*png,* jpg, *jpeg, *gif) and PDFs can be imported into the free pamphlet maker easily and quickly. You are not expected to grasp any programming knowledge to create your own awesome online pamphlets. What you need to do is to choose the files from your local computer and import them. Besides that, you are able to further customize the page size, orientation, background color and background image.

2. Rich Digital Contents

In Mobissue, you can enrich your digital contents with the help of the multimedia including the hyperlink, text, YouTube video, audio, sound and so on. For example, you are recommended to add soft background music in your digital pamphlet, which will offer your readers a more comfortable reading experience. And in the meanwhile, it helps you to engage your loyal readers and attract more potential readers as well.

3. Online and Offline Publication

You are the owner to decide whether to publish your digital pamphlet online or not. In Mobissue, if you want to publish them offline, you can publish them in HTML, ZIP, EXE, Burn To CD/DVD, To the FTP and Plug-in format. If not, you can upload them to the Mobissue Cloud platform. When you upload them online, you can distribute your online pamphlets via social media, email, website or blog.

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