Multi-functional HTML5 Flipbook Maker

Mobissue allows users to convert PDF files into HTML5 flipbooks online and offline with fresh page turning effect.

HTML5 Flipbook Converter – Powerful Software for Digital Publication

HTML5 flipbook is becoming more and more popular, lots of HTML5 publications are being created in the publication market. Mobissue design team catches this opportunity and develop with the professional html5 flipbook maker. This software is not only equipped with realistic paper flip effect, but also with additional flash animation as well as other amazing color multimedia. What’s more, the whole making process don’t need any complex computer skills!

1. Suit for All Screens

Mobissue HTML5 flipbook software can create flipping books output with HTML5 format for easy compatible with mobile devices. Videos, links, pictures, flash and more interactive elements can be viewed perfectly on iOS, Android, powered smart phones, and other mobile devices with comfortable reading experience. In addition, HTML5 flipbook made by Mobissue requires no plug-ins like Adobe Flash when open it in browsers on mobile devices.

2. Customize Page Content

With the software Mobissue, users can customize the wanted displaying effect on the content! There are all kinds of interactive elements for users’ options in the animator editor. One can add text, link, image, slide show, sound, YouTube video, Vimeo video, hot spot, Shape, flash, dialog etc. to present the content in an imaginary impressive way. What’s more, the e-commerce feature is also available for users choice - one can even add paypal options and sell the flipbook just in the pages!

3. Manage Online HTML5 Flipbooks

How to change the situation if you are fed up with searching a wanted ebook from sea of books in your account? Needless to say, it carries a lot of useless time and energy, and above all, sometimes it is unnecessary. However, in Mobissue, users can manage the online issues in their account easily, sign up an account on Mobissue homepage and upload your books, name a folder and put the related books into the folder. And if you want to find specific books, just come and search the corresponding folder.

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