Free HTML5 Online Flyer Maker

Mobissue proves to be an outstanding online flyer maker, providing powerful functionalities to create eye-pleasing digital flyers which look and work perfect on mobile devices.

Free Flyer Maker to Create & Share HTML5 Online Flyers

Mobissue aims to create impressive online flyers out of PDFs or images. With this free flyer maker, you will feel ease to design a captivating media-rich flyer. And it is also easy to share your satisfied result on social media platform to reach a wide audience.

1. Beautiful Appearance

It is of great importance to grab people’s attention at their first glance on your HTML5 flyer; otherwise there is a lot of chance that your flyer will be discarded immediately. To make an eye-catching appearance for your flyer, Mobissue provides flexible design tools. The grid and alignment tools assure a perfect layout. With libraries of built-in images and Flash, you have not to put in a great deal of effort in your flyer’s embellishment.

In addition, a variety of front options, thoughtfully selected color scheme, and drop shadow setting are also dedicated to a high-quality appearance.

2. Interactive Rich Media Contents

The design tools empower your flyer to take on an attractive appearance, while the animation editor enables your content to be interactive and animated. You are allowed to make your flyer come alive with links, image slideshows, video clips and sound etc. Furthermore, you can add animation effects to these interactive elements, controlling when and how they appear and disappear.

3. Convenient Sharing and Embedding

Online flyers have ability to reach a wider audience than print versions, since they can get plenty of exposure to the digital world. Mobissue makes it easy to share your HTML5 flyer on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. And you are also able to embed it to your blog and website simply by copying and pasting the code.

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