Benefit from PDF to HTML5 Flipbooks

Mobissue is everything you need to create an PDF to HTML5 flipbook which can be distributed around the world.

What Benefits you can Expect from HTML5 Flipbooks

Mobissue is a simple yet powerful PDF to flipbook tool, making publishing flipbooks in HTML5 format as easy as clicking a button with the mouse. Just upload your PDF and within a couple of minutes get your HTML5 flipbooks up and running. Check this PDF to flipbook software, and you will be surprised to find how many benefits you can obtain.

1. Engaging Media-rich FlipBook

Mobissue provides everything you need to design a captivating HTML5 flipbook. It allows you to enrich your flipbook with text, link, images, video and audio etc. Furthermore, adding animation effects to these media contents is also available in Mobissue. An interactive media-rich flipbook will definitely give an engaging digital reading experience to your readers.

2. Responsive HTML5 Flipbooks

HTML5 flipbooks created by Mobissue have the ability to be responsive. They are capable of detecting what size of the screen you’re using and adapting to fit, appearing perfectly on eReaders, desktop & laptop computers, handheld mobile devices as well as tablets. This capability is absolutely crucial when you consider multi-device distribution methods to reach as many readers as possible.

3. World-wide Distribution

Spreading your publications all over the world is no longer a dream. With Mobissue’s single click of publishing, you have the power and speed to upload your results online. Your digital content can be distributed throughout the world by sending it via email, embedding on your website, or sharing on social media platforms.

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