Free Desktop Publishing Software for Mobile

Mobissue is a perfectly complete solution for converting, publishing and selling HTML5 digital page flipping publications on Android and IOS devices.

Free Desktop Publishing Software - Mobissue

As the professional and free desktop publishing software, Mobissue is quite like to make a difference in the breaking of the new market of flip publications for mobile devices. With this helpful HTML5 publishing software, you are allowed to design and publish an animated flip publication in an easy but professional way. A piece of free desktop publishing software Mobissue for all of you to generate digital flip publications like magazine, catalog, brochure, photo album likewise. Any, iPad, iPhone, Android phone readers can read the HTML5 page turning publication on their mobile devices with comfortable reading experience.

1. Interactive & Engaging

Here comes the question. How do you create the most attractive publication to catch audience eyes? The answer must be the Mobissue. Under the assistance of the super build-in CSS Animation Editor, after importing the images or PDF file, you could begin your creating. So easy to insert the multimedia like text, link, slideshow, music and video.

Besides, you could add animation or action for the multimedia you have inserted or set the time limit. Trust us! It works miracles. After all is done, you will find out that it is more than the free desktop publishing software but a magic box to create the interactive and engaging mobile publication.

2. Professional & Authoritative

Are you worried about the problem of brand promoting? Take it easy. You could easily do your branding with our software. There are many ways to let your brand logo be seen by audiences. For example, with the pro account, you could customize the loading settings such as loading caption, font color and picture while loading your mobile content.

In addition, you could market your branding by setting up your own logo on each of your mobile publication. Moreover, if necessary, purchase to publish your mobile content on your own branded URL, rather than the system defaults.

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