Free HTML5 Publishing Software

Mobissue can create attractive HTML5 digital publications to improve your businesses; read on different mobile devices including Android and iOS.

Free HTML5 Publishing Software for Business

Mobissue is HTML5-based free publishing software to create amazing HTML5 digital publications, including the eBooks, e-catalogs, e-magazines, e-brochures and so on. You can brand your business and sell your brand-related products easily with the help of Mobissue. To be specific, you can customize your custom domain, content loading logo, Issue Newsstand logo to advertise your brands unconsciously.

1. Use-friendly E-commerce Items

You can make full use of the e-commerce items in Mobissue including the PayPal Buy, PayPal Price, PayPal Discount, PayPal Star and PayPal Product. Take the PayPal Buy for example, you can insert it beside your selling products. Then you are able to further edit the Action feature. So at this moment, you can link the Buy Now button to the check out interface. Once your customers are interested in your products, they can easily finish the purchasing process with just few clicks, which can engage your customers for the great convenient you offer.

2. Efficient Newsstand Issues

You are recommended to build a Newsstand issues for all your digital publications. On the one hand, you can arrange your publications in different order according to your marketing strategies. On the other hand, your readers can directly and easily find the necessary information they need in this way. Besides that, you are allowed to embed the newsstand issues in your website or your blog. Finally are able to analyze and keep track of the marketing reactions with the help of Google analytics integrated features.

3. Flexible Distribution

How to make your digital publications reach out a wider audience is just a piece of cake in Mobissue. There are several ways for you to choose flexibly. Firstly, email the book URL or the ZIP files to the designated customers. Secondly, share them via the social networking sites (Facebook, Google+, twitter, etc). Thirdly, embed the Newsstand Issues in your website or your blog. Fourthly, distribute your publication in different mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, android mobile devices, and tablets). Lastly, make your publications available for subscription.

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