Easy to Use Online Poster Maker

Publish online posters with no hassles! Mobissue is designed to make interactive and animated HTML5 digital posters which can be viewable on mobile devices.

Create Unique HTML5 Online Posters with Interactivity

Want to make an eye-catching and informative HTML5 poster? Try Mobissue! It is an easy-to-use online poster maker designed to convert images or PDF files into digital posters with page turning effect. Without writing a single line of code, you have the ability to publish a gorgeous poster with interactivity and animations.

1. PDF to Digital Poster Conversion

Making digital posters could not be easier! Free poster maker Mobissue serves to digitize your flat PDFs or images into digital posters with just a few clicks. The whole digitalization requires no a single code. Just import your existing files to Mobissue. It is that easy!
Don’t have a PDF/image? Not a problem! Mobissue supports to create your own posters from scratch. You are free to define the page size and orientation, choose a background color or image, and set the page number.

2. Insert Rich Media Elements

Unlike printed posters, digital posters have ability to surprise your readers with all the action and excitement of the digital world. You are not only allowed to embed local videos but Youtube and Vimeo videos. And what’s more, background music can also be added, creating a comfortable mood for reading. Apart from videos and audio, image slideshows, links, Flash, buttons, and shapes etc. are all allowed to be added.

3. Mobile-friendly Online Publications

All your online posters are optimized for all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Win8. They look and work perfect in the mobile web browsers. Readers can have access to your mobile-friendly posters directly from their mobile devices, and engage themselves with awesome mobile reading experiences.

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