Free HTML5 Online Magazine Creator for Anyone

Free magazine maker is a wise choice for you to create an HTML5 digital magazine, which can be read on different devices including the PC, tablets and phones.

Free Magazine Creator - Creates HTML5 Digital Magazines

Mobissue is the best free magazine creator to turn your static PDFs or images into HTML5 digital magazines, which can be read on Android and iOS mobile devices smoothly. With the help of this free tool, you can not only enrich your digital contents with multimedia but also distribute them in different ways. Most importantly, you don’t need to distribute your digital magazine one by one. You are able to distribute all your digital magazines in a quick and easy way with its Issue Newsstand Feature.

1. Rich-media Contents

Mobissue offers an opportunity for all of you to enrich your digital magazine contents. Firstly, you can add a clip of background music in your digital magazine which can offers readers a comfortable reading experience. Secondly, adding a link to connect to your website or blog is totally within your control. Of course, you can also insert other dynamic elements such as e-commerce, button, slideshow and so on.

2. Multiple Sharing Platforms

Your friends do not need to install any programs to read your digital magazine on their mobile devices. What they need to do is to scan the QR code. Besides that, you can directly share the book link to your friends as well or send email to them. Lastly, you can take advantage of the social media. Mobissue enables you to share your mobile-friendly digital magazine via social networking sites including the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

3. Issue Newsstand for Mobile

When you publish your digital magazine into Mobissue Cloud, they will automatically turn up in your issues.. At the same time, you are able to arrange those issues in a nice looking newsstand which can be embedded into your website or blog. You just need to copy the embedded code and paste them into your website or your blog.

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