Free HTML5 App Maker for Mobile

Easily use Mobissue free HTML5 App maker to create your own HTML5 digital publication, design special publications for iPhone and Android phones.

Mobissue - Your Best Choice of HTML5 Mobile App Maker

Mobissue is a popular free App maker, specialized in creating html5 page flip magazines, brochures, catalogs etc. from static PDF documents. Users can embed media elements such as text, links, images, video gallery, youtube, shape etc to flipping pages to create interactive digital publication. Besides, users can manage online issues with their own account in cloud, and also, it is no limitation of sharing the finished digital publication to the friends and relatives.

1. Rich Page Content

To present colorful and diversified content, multi-media elements are necessities. In Mobissue, users can achieve amazing pages using the equipped powerful animation editor. One can add static text, link, image, slide show, sound, flash, even the YouTube and Vimeo to vivify the content. Among these elements, added links are significant for readers are more likely to be led to the target website through these links, which will also increase the web traffic.

2. Manage Online Issues

So, are you fed up with searching a wanted ebook from massive books in your account? It spends a lot of pointless time and energy and most important of all it is invalid. Now here comes the good news, in Mobissue, one can manage the online issues in his/her own account, sign up an account on Mobissue homepage and upload the books, name a folder and put the relevant books into the folder. Manage and classify the books, then if you want to find specific books come and search the corresponding folder.

3. Share on Networks

Information spread all over the world. Net citizen share interested events via the social network. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn become mainstream sharing network. With electronic devices it provides more convenient method to share. Upload your Mobissue ebook online, share it to your friends and families, allow people to like you ebook and let them to share it, too!

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