After you click "Create" to publish digital issue, you will see the window below.



General Settings

You can customize the general settings while creating the digital content. You can also modify the published digital content anytime you like.





You can click the Embed button to embed the digital content into your own website using iFrame or Light Box display mode. All you need to do is to copy and paste the embed code to your HTML webpage.




Click Share button to share digital issue to social networks or share it via email.




Disable This Book

Once you disable the publication, no one except you can view your publication.




Edit Text Version

Online conversion helps to create text version digital issue for searching content in a convenient way.




Move to Another Folder

You can move the digital issue to another folder easily.





Click this button to remove the digital issue that you don't need.




8. Public

There are 3 privacy settings for your digital issue: Private, Keep Private On Mobissue Cloud and Public on Web.




Email Share

You can click the Clone button to clone the digital content and publish it as a new content.